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Chris Chapman | 24 | FC: Ashton Holmes | Status: Taken

“Chris is pretty much the opposite of his older brother. Where Aaron’s abrasive and passionate, Chris is friendly and a little lost.” - Louis Sawyer

Biography: Aaron never made it easy for Chris to separate himself from Aaron’s stunts, so Chris largely grew up in his brother’s shadow. He took the first chance he had to separate himself from his brother’s image—dropping out of college and taking up a job as a bartender at the Tavern, which he largely kept because of Peter Tarven’s good will. After five years, Chris has become a fixture at the Tavern. He’s had a life time of listening to other people’s problems, and he’s good at knowing when to give someone advice and when to give them some space.

Chris moved in with his brother after dropping out of school, and the two have been on much better terms than when they were kids. Even though Chris teases Aaron mercilessly, he care about his brother, and he tends to act as a grounding force for him. Chris has been secretly dating a girl for almost four years, and he’s become increasingly frustrated with her obsession with privacy. Chris isn’t a stranger to secrets in his own life, however—he publishes poetry and short stories under a pseudonym, and he’s content to let people underestimate his abilities.

Personality: Chris has a good sense of humor, and he’s generally pretty laid back and good-natured. He doesn’t have much of a temper, and he knows when to stay out of other people’s business. He’s not very open about his personal life, but he’s always there to listen to other people’s problems when they need a crying shoulder. He’s very creative, and he looks out for the people that he loves. Chris is a bit of a dork, but he knows when to cut it out.

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