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Batch Two FCs 

Fourteen characters are currently in the works. Their faces are:

* = reserved characters

These will be the last released characters for the summer, but following that, face claims and backstories/personalities will become negotiable.

Until then, there are a ton of roles that are already open!

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Cooper Saunders and Elliot Harvard have been re-opened. 

Luke Holt will remain permanently closed.

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So, apparently Tumblr has decided to not let us respond to messagesat all, and so we’ve decided to answer them here.

Is this RP active?
  • Yes!

Could you use a few people or so?

  • Absolutely! We are trying to get back into the swing of things now that summer is here, so the more the merrier!

Karen Gillan FC?

  • Totally. A new and final batch of characters is in the works right now.

Will you ever accept OCs?

  • Probably not for a while. The cast list is going to be capped off at 50, and following that, faceclaims will be negotiable.

If anyone else has any questions, we’re here and will answer, even if we have to work around Tumblr being on the fritz!

- Admins N & C

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OOC Blog 

Hey, everyone! We’ve kind of fallen out of using the Sawyer OOC blog, so I’d like to suggest people get back to using that for OOC posts instead of their main accounts. If anyone needs a link to gain posting access to the blog, message me and I’ll get you hooked up.

- Admin C

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Tom Eastman | 26 | FC: Liam Hemsworth | Status: Open

“Tom is intelligent, but prefers to use his smarts for prank and jokes. He’s full of mischief, and a very good charmer.” - Louis Sawyer

Biography: When you grow up with an older brother who seems to be the star child of your town, it can be hard for you to find a way to distinguish yourself. In the Eastman family, things were usually all about Jason, Tom’s older brother. Jason made great grades, did well in sports, and ended up getting a full ride to a great college. Tom, however, found his niche in making people laugh. He differed from the average class clown in that he was able to pull off making his teachers laugh too, and thus usually escaped getting into trouble. As he got older, however, Tom’s mischievous nature took on a sharper edge: he began to derive his fun at the expense of the other people around him. To be frank, he can be a bit mean-spirited in his humor. His charm, however, is usually enough for people to forgive him this fact.

Tom is the son of Sawyer’s sheriff, and is currently working for the local police department. Because his brother went into business, Tom has a shot at becoming sheriff once his father retires, and unlike Carson McGregor, the mayor’s son, Tom can’t wait to take over his father’s position. Because Sawyer is a pretty quiet town, there often isn’t much for the local police force to do, leaving Tom with a pretty easy job. He parties just about every weekend, and has recently gotten into the underground racing scene out in the city. While he’s not the greatest of drivers, he makes a good bit of extra money betting on races. Being the big-shot in town has left Tom pretty satisfied with his life. But how long will it be before he learns that he doesn’t always have to be such a jerk?

Personality: Tom needs attention, and quite a bit of it. With his charm, intelligence, and boisterous nature, getting all eyes on him as soon as he enters the room is all too easy. Tom sees life as a dog-eat-dog world, but he’s harboring a more sensitive side: he invited Ian Hanley to come and crash with him when he found out he needed a place to stay, and in spite of his crass sense of humor, he’s usually one to stop if he realizes he’s hurt the feelings of someone he cares about (although he’s not very big on apologies). Tom is convinced that showing the world you care is a sign of weakness, and much prefers false bravado and thrill-seeking to wearing his heart on his sleeve.

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Update post 

Hey, guys! It’s great to see so much activity around town lately. Let’s keep that up! Make sure to take the time to message the new kids and get some paras and plots started, everyone.

We’re going to be reposting a few of the bios to get them back into the tags over the next couple of days, so prepare for that. And if there are any roles that you’d really like to see filled for plot-related reasons, make sure to let us know so that we can push those!

-Admin C


The roles of Ian Hanley and Christy Rossi have been reopened.